My Polaroid sunglasses distort the colors on the display. How do I fix this?



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    James D. Howard

    This becomes a significant problem if/when the Polarization causes some of the displayed info to be - essentially - invisible.  Other display systems get around this by allowing software control of displayed colors; with some tweaking, the colors can look almost "normal" when viewed thru polarized glasses.  NuViz could investigate this as an optional adjustment; it is just color-map software.

    Note: there is one kind of polarization darkening that CANNOT be fixed.  If the polarization axis of the NuViz LCD display is perpendicular to that of the glasses, you get "darkness" that cannot be fixed.  I do not know how to predict this: different manufacturers of polarized glasses use somewhat different polarization axes.

    Note #2: This begs the question of color-map customization for color-blind people.  Very important, not hard to do in software.  A good proportion of males are red-green colorblind or similar!

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